Brooke is a leading pioneer in the exploration of XR art & community-based VR collaboration. She’s establishing new frontiers and directions at the intersection of where art and technology meet in the context of its impact on human consciousness. She creates mind-bending experiences purposed to harness spiritual energy; transporting the viewer to different inter-spatial dimensions. Her work blends several disciplines into one - painting, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, installation, and video - to form an altogether “Unknown Zone” in the world of Art that will change your view of what is reality and art’s effect on your senses.


Einbender graduated from Wake Forest University (2017) as a Presidential Scholar for Visual Arts with a concentration in oil painting. She currently is a resident artist at Voodoo Studios in Telluride, CO. Her digital portfolio of immersive experiences has established her reputation in an emerging field; as a “VJ,” or “Visual Jockey.” She’s collaborated with numerous festivals, locally and internationally, including Telluride Fire Festival, Original Thinkers, and Ranetas Festival in Alcañiz, Spain, to name a few. In March 2020, Brooke launched her first solo exhibition at Gallery 81435 in Telluride which showcased her newest series of augmented reality enabled oil paintings.


Brooke Einbender approaches her virtual reality and oil paintings as experiments. When starting a painting, she has no vision of what the end result should look like. Letting her intuition be her only guide, Brooke begins with disorderly, random acts, embracing mistakes and the unknown. Her painting practice shifts between chaos and order, organic and geometric shapes, and irregularity and symmetry.


Brooke’s process involves translating and transmuting her oil paintings into virtual reality. Using her paintings as her initial construct, she no longer has to create an illusion of space on a 2D surface. Virtual reality enables Brooke to expand the layers of her physical paintings, which in turn, allows her audience to fully immerse themselves inside the artwork. She seeks to constantly dissect, replicate, and layer parts of her oil paintings to create new material as a basis for future 3D digital works. Each of Brooke’s original oil paintings evolves into having a soulful counterpart within a virtual plane of existence, taking on a new digital identity. Brooke’s work raises the question: In today’s world, where does the real begin and the virtual end, or can we no longer distinguish between the two?