With a background in oil painting, Brooke Einbender is translating her paintings into 3D virtual space. Once immersed in the virtual realm, the creative opportunities are endless. As with painting, she no longer had to create an illusion of space on a 2D surface; instead, she could draw sculpture, meander around a line suspended in space, and walk through layers of digital paint. Ultimately in VR, Brooke is creating her own experiential worlds, which surpass the limitations of painting.


Brooke Einbender approaches her paintings as mind-bending experiments, investigating transparency, light, texture, shape, and color. When starting a painting, Brooke has no vision of what the end result should look like. Letting her intuition be the guide, Brooke begins with disorderly, random acts, embracing mistakes and the unknown. Her process shifts between chaos and order, organic and geometric shapes, & irregularity and symmetry. Each painting ventures into uncharted creative territory, harnessing the unknown, and contains hidden treasures.


Brooke Einbender is a San Francisco, California native. In 2017, she graduated from Wake Forest University as a Presidential Scholar for Visual Arts with a concentration in painting. Brooke is currently a resident at Voodoo Studios in Telluride, Colorado. This past year, she has collaborated with numerous festivals, including the Mushroom Festival and Original Thinkers, to create virtual reality projection experiences for hundreds of people to enjoy. In June 2020, Brooke will have her first solo exhibition at 81435 Gallery which will combine elements of sound, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, projection, and oil painting.


“I try not to attach words to my paintings -- instead, I let them serve as time capsules that contain feelings, inspirations, frustrations, and moments of pure awe.”

 -Brooke Einbender

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